The promise of spring in the garden

Some things in the garden are so fleeting – like wisteria blossom – that you have to make the most out of the period of anticipation when their fluffy buds emerge. This week I’m enjoying a few promises of spring in my Southern Hemisphere garden.

Wisteria buds – enjoy every stage before the first winds tear down those delicate purple blossoms.

Clivia ready to burst out orange in the bottom layers of the garden.

No less than THREE bunches of bananas – but will they fill out in this dry weather?

And the least photographable but most exciting – baby mulberries! Not everyone is lucky enough to have a ‘birth fruit’ but these are mine.

Next garden update will most likely be in a glut of flowers and fruit!

2 thoughts on “The promise of spring in the garden

  1. Dear Ais

    You get a lot from your garden. What a lovely bunch of bananas.

    Tomatoes from mine. All volunteers.



    • Thanks Dad. I’ll be really thrilled if the potatoes and apples come through too. Couldn’t really ask for more in the space we have 🙂

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