Short story in print in Shhhh…Murder!

Print and digital copies of the Shhhh…Murder! anthology are now available. This is a collection of cozy mystery short stories in which authors imagine crimes taking place in… the library.

The story of mine included in this anthology has the longest title of any story I’ve ever written. The full title is Case Study on the Principles of Morals and Legislations, which you’d be right to think sounds more like a thesis title than a short story. My story is set in Fisher Library at the University of Sydney and my heroine, Kate, is a philosophy academic who gets to do the Sherlock Holmes thing and deal out her own brand of justice.

It was such a pleasure working with the editor of this anthology, Andrew MacRae. He pinned down some of my small but potentially annoying writing quirks, pointing them out to me so that not only this story was improved at the sentence level but hopefully some future stories will be too – provided I have the capacity to learn from my mistakes 😉.

For those who like cozy mystery short stories, the book is available here in print form, and digitally for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Or I suppose you could order it in at the library… if you dare!


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