The Tail Winds of Life

If there’s one thing cycling’s taught me it’s that head winds draw attention to themselves while tail winds are too easy to take for granted.

Typically, I’ll set off towards the south enjoying a cruise along the coast of Botany Bay towards Brighton Le Sands. The ride seems easy and life is good. “Geez I’m going fast today,” I’ll think to myself. But on the way home I’m confronted by a painful head wind that makes me feel like I’m on a stationary bike. That’s when I realise that a tail wind carried me the whole way down.

I inevitably reflect on how easy it is to take a smooth ride for granted, how tempting to see it as fitness or personal capability. Those things matter, but really when life goes well some tail winds are usually at least partly responsible: health, financial security, the privileges of education, birthplace and genetics.

I hope things are going smoothly for you. If so, take a moment to appreciate the tail winds of life. If you’re facing a head wind at the moment, I hope things turn around for you soon.

There’s one group of people who make the most of all kinds of winds and there’s probably something to be learned from them, even if it’s just to give yourself a break (and take a photo) when the head winds are too much. The intrepid, the brave, the upper-body-strength-equipped and slightly-blurry-in-this-photo…