Quick Book Review: Code of Silence by Colin Dillon

Colin Dillon was not only Australia’s first Indigenous policeman but the first serving police officer to come forward and appear voluntarily before the Fitzgerald Commission of Inquiry into police corruption in Queensland in 1987 to give evidence. It was a stand that nearly broke him and his family,  a dangerous public stand taken after long years of privately standing for honesty in his chosen profession.

Code of Silence : How one honest police officer took on Australia's most corrupt police force - Colin Dillon

I came across this memoir while researching corruption in QLD from the 1960s to 1980s and found it an absorbing and intriguing memoir, personal and clearly written, accessible and emotionally engaging. Colin Dillon’s integrity and courage shine through on every page. For someone like me who struggles to read history books full of dates, facts and figures, this kind of personal account is invaluable. Forty years of rotten policing comes to life, not to mention the experience of Australia’s first Indigenous policeman, a position that sometimes put Colin at odds with his own cherished culture. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.