Short Stories

“Pandora” – October 2019 in Fire and Brimstone: A Demonic Compendium of the Fallen, Wicked and Accursed, edited by TC Phillips

“It was very naughty of you to take the house-sitters. You could have kept them alive until we got back. I’m very disappointed in you.”

“Case Study on the Principles of Morals and Legislation” – September 2018 in Shhh…Murder! a Darkhouse Books anthology

Kate’s first academic job gets even harder when she finds a dead man in the university library and her three favourite students are implicated.

“Chronothanatos” – August 2018 in Shacklebound Books’ Chronos anthology

A timepiece with deadly power – a tale told in 100 words.

“The Extra Chamber of my Heart” – August 2018 in the Neo Perennial Press Heroine’s anthology

“There are five people in front of me in line for the body scanner. Four and then Hadley, then me, and then Sarah.”

“What the Witch Wants” –  December 2017, Stupefying Stories #18

In a dry and barren land, asking help from the witch is only for the desperate. The witch will always take her due, so what price will Abigail pay for the life of a child?

“Viewpoint 2020” – September 2016, Urchin Books Imaginary Worlds anthology

Tahlia is desperate for her mentor to retire so she can take his place and achieve the status she deserves. But she never wanted it to happen like this.

“Take Me Away” –  September 2015, Robot Cowgirl Press Alien Abduction anthology

A philandering husband, a culture of disrespect—if her colleagues won’t believe her about what she’s seen at the Parkes telescope, maybe Michelle will take the next ride out of here.

“Newsfeed Zombies” – May 2015, Black Chaos II, a Big Pulp anthology

Jack Adams just wants to connect with someone. But not through the newsfeed!

“One Out, One In” – July 2014 – Nature Futures (free to read)

In a population-controlled future, a grandmother gives her granddaughter the greatest gift.

“Instructions in my Absence” – May 2014 – Timeless Tales Magazine, Issue #2 ‘Pandora’s Box’ (free to read)

Mythology meets immunology in this modern crime caper with a twist.

“A New Man” – May 2014 – Every Day Fiction (free to read)

They say that people hear what they want to hear—for Nadine this includes the contents of a fortune cookie.

“Cow Dung, Mrs Oliphant” – March 2014 – Highly Commended and published in the Stringybark Stories anthology Side by Side edited by David Vernon

Is it art or is it bullshit? In this case it just might be both.

“The Ring” – February 2014 – Plan B Mystery Magazine edited by Darusha Wehm *

Things have a funny way of working out—for some people, anyway

“Towards the Light” – October 2013 – Insignia Vol I: Japanese Fantasy Stories, edited by Kelly Matsuura

A Japanese Fantasy take on the Icarus myth.

“Twelve Cigarettes” – May 2013 – Wilde Magazine Spring 2013 issue

A Sydney night, a carousel. Beauty or trash, helplessness or hope? A friend can make all the difference.

“The Making of Xavier” – August 2012 – Highly Commended and published in the Stringybark Stories anthology The Seven Deadly Sins edited by David Vernon

Xavier seems to have it all—he’s handsome and heroic, an example to us all. But Xavier has a dark secret that he’s not quite ready to share on national TV.

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